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Here's an idea: Stop telling your clients what to do.
Do it with them.

SUPERLINK Leader enables you to auto-steer your clients in the best direction across your online assets, from entry point to the desired objective, utilizing the world's 1st autonomous browsing technology.

Design and create multiple scenarios (SUPERLINKS) that address repetitive issues, and easily share them with your clients upon need as a simple URL using Freshdesk's unified messaging, via any support channel: chat, direct message, social post, knowledge base item or any other mean of communication.

The clients just click on the SUPERLINKS received from your support team, and enjoy the new and innovative autonomous-browsing-based service experience.

Leverage the quad-power of SUPERLINK Leader
to close tickets faster:

Lead - Auto-navigate for the clients to multiple web pages and domains in the desired route.

Focus - Locate the important content in each web page and put it in the center of attention using auto-scroll and auto-media.

Communicate - Instruct your clients by delivering targeted messages - text, audio & animated visual aids - above the visited web pages, without making changes to the web pages and without need for further development.

Do - Seamlessly assist the clients in taking the desired action for them. Yes - the SUPERLINK is actually doing it for them.

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