"10 Most Promising Startups
of the Negev 2019" award


“Consumers are far less concerned about who is in control, so long as they get the results they want with speed and convenience”

(“The Experience Revolution” report,

IBM Institute for Business Value, 2017)

"We were impressed by the unique ability of the technology to survey the brand image over time
by using real 'live' content from around the web"

UMI (GM Israel)


Enterprise-grade | Omni-channel | Cross-domains 


Auto-steer your clients in the best direction across your digital assets 

Design multiple scenarios (SUPERLINKS) to match any target audience and any objective.

Share the SUPERLINKS as simple URLs.

Lead the clients to multiple web pages and domains in the desired route using Auto-navigate.

Communicate with your clients by delivering targeted messages - text, audio & animated visual aids - without making changes to the visited web pages.

Focus the clients' attention on the right content in each web page using Auto-scroll and Auto-media.

Assist your clients in taking the required actions using Auto-clicks.

Yes - the SUPERLINK is actually doing it for them.

Creating SUPERLINKS is easy and non-technical.

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Lead your clients

using Auto-navigate